Honor Valor Courage Corporation is a facilitator of projects and programs, set up to provide one company to represent the independent companies who support our veterans. We supports all our veterans from many different background, but with one common connections, they are veterans. Honor Valor Courage Corporation is involved in three main areas, educations, careers and health services for our veterans and Indian Nations and we also serves as a referring center for other companies and individuals who wish to support our Veterans. Honor Valor Courage Corporation is a Veteran owned company  *Each Company, Corporation or LLC. is independently owned.                                                                                                              

All companies support  veterans through donations from their net profits to HVCC EDUCATION INSTITUTE and NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATION INSTITUTE to support the ongoing programs of the INSTITUTES. Each company or corporation or LLC is independent owned who desire to support our countries veterans and Honor Valor Courage Corporate Foundation. Honor Valor Courage Corporation also has an affiliate owned company program where their companies and LLCs pledged to support the INSTITUTES through profits, technology  and other valuable services. We thank all of our Family of Supporting Companies for the generosity in support of our Veterans. 

Honor Valor Courage Campus's will be building locations though out the United States. If you have a location you think would be a great location in your state please contact us.

Honor Valor Courage Corporate is focused on creating careers, educating all our Veterans. Currently we are focused on UAV DRONE Technology, Solar Wind Technology. and Assembly & Logistic.

Our campus will be the most unique you ever set foot on. We are all about educating our country's veterans. We know our veterans come from varied and widely different backgrounds, but we all have one common thread, we have earned the right to be called VETERANS.

All the Honor Valor Courage Campus and the National Veterans Educational Institute are built to provide a very different learning experience. One that incorporates classrooms, practical experience and interfacing with world experts in an environment in which all these elements come together.


We never leave anyone behind, We fight the battles together, We achieve together, We win together!

Dennis M. Butts is a highly requested speaker on the effects of war on our troops, veterans, and their families.

Mr. Butts is a three time Purple Heart Recipient and a 2013 All American Hero Awardee. Mr. Butts speaks from experience, of his own as well, as his interactions with combat veterans over the past forty-six years. Mr. Butts began speaking to civic organizations regarding his experiences in the early seventies.

As the years progressed, so did the different wars our troops were involved in and the issues they were encountering. Companies, schools, and other organizations began to want to know more about the combat experience the troops faced on a daily basis. Mr. Butts became a resource for that information.

Through his business involvements, he met many Generals, Senior-Level Officers and NCOs, who were active duty or retired and formed many lifelong relationships. These relationships, gave Mr. Butts the unique understanding into the inter-workings and plannings that took and have taken place on the battle field. This is an area he did not have knowledge of as a Lance Corporal F.O./ R.O. in Vietnam. He was a rabbit in the grass. These contacts also allowed Mr. Butts to develop relationships within the military communities and become very involved in how our troops and veterans operate on a day to day basis.

Mr. Butts thanks all the amazing military personnel who he has drawn so much knowledge from and their support of his efforts to inform others as to the world our combat veterans, troops and families faced and face today.

Mr. Butts felt someone needed to tell the story of what combat is really like, to allow people to ask questions and get a true understanding of combat, to be able to relate with our veterans, students, employees and loved ones.  Hence, he developed a series of seminars, lectures and mentoring programs that could be utilized to aid the troops, veterans and their families."Now I Understand" is the result of all his experiences and knowledge of combat troops that Mr. Butts gains on a day to day basis.

​Mr. Butts is the Chairman of two Corporations dedicated to the education and advancement of our veterans as well as currently seventeen LLC. companies and the Honor Valor Courage Corporate Foundation. Mr. Butts is also works with veterans to build businesses for the veterans to have interest in the companies and equity ownership with the veterans. Mr. Butts is available to advise and consult with veterans on business issues on the HVCC VCC Center. hvccvcc@honorvalorcourage.org

HVCC TELECOMM  DATACOMM is a full service telecommunication and data company representing many major companies in the industry. Mr. Butts Chairman of HVCC has over ​​50 years in the telecom business from every aspect. He is one of the top consultants on multi-disciplinary medical practice communication. Mr. Butts is considered an expert in video communications and video collaboration and a earlier developer of video technology.

Mr. Butts sold some of the first MITEL Systems in the U.S. the MITEL SX 100 and SX 200 and then the SX20. Mr. Butts helped develop over ten interconnect telephone companies in the eastern United States. He owner his own interconnect company Hunter Electronic with five office in VA. He was also the principal of WestCom Communications in West Virginia.  Mr. Butts has been and expert witness for Grand Juries in trials regarding wire tapping cases in New Jersey and has testified in cases against restriction of trade regarding case involving STP Coupler use by C&P Telephone. Mr. Butts has a very in-depth knowledge of the telecommunication and data world. Mr. Butts has experience in Secured Encrypted cabling under government level 3.  Mr. Butts has a heavy background in TEMPIST and SCIFs in the data world. 

​HVCC TELECOMM DATACOMM WORLD offer a full line of PBXs from Major providers, Key Systems as well as CLOUD BASED PBX SYSTEMS from ZOOM Phone. 

HVCC TELECOMM  DATACOMM WORLD is also a complete provider of all your  Polycom business-technology communication solutions which are simple and easy to integrate, allowing employees to do their jobs more intelligently, more flexibly, more quickly, and more precisely than ever before.

HVCC TELECOMM  DATACOMM WOLRD is a major provider of OMNIJOIN BROTHER Collaboration Networks. 

HVCC TELECOMM  DATA COMM WORLD is also a major provider of RingCentral Unified Communications Networks.