Airspace Security Solution

Modern security requires a layered approach that keeps up with the evolution of drone technology. Sensors connect to our DroneTracker software, which detects, classifies, and protects against drone threats, including localizing the drone and its pilot. Passive and active countermeasures can be triggered, tailoring the defense mechanism to the severity of the threat.

Rf sensors

Our RF Sensors are the cornerstone of airspace security, and detect commercial, consumer, and homebrew drones.


DroneTracker software connects sensors, performs machine-learning analysis, and is the central nervous system for the complete solution.

Sensors & Mitigation

Additional sensors and countermeasures, such as video or jammers, add extra layers of security and integrate directly into DroneTracker software.




Drones threaten the physical security of data centers, and their IT/cybersecurity. They are small, quiet, and are capable of carrying heavy payloads over fences and right next to structures—including devices to sniff networks, intercept data, disrupt communications, or even hack into servers.

Dedrone Solutions

Integrates drone detection into security systems
Prevent hacker attacks and corporate espionage
Protects against all drone threats


While energy manufacturers and utilities are implementing drone surveying and inspection programs around the world, these organizations must also protect critical infrastructure, such as power stations and water reservoirs, from unwanted drones. With drones becoming ever more inexpensive, easy to fly, and able carry heavy payloads, the risk of not securing the airspace only increases every day.

Dedrone Solutions

Protect critical infrastructure
Detect drones even before they take off
Provide forensic evidence of drone attacks
Integrate into existing security and monitoring systems
Are compatible with utilities’ internal drone programs


The number of unauthorized drones flying in is increasing, even though “No Drones” signs are posted everywhere. Stop them from flying into the airspace, breaching photography and video rights, and endangering the general public and players.

Dedrone Solutions

Ensure safety of spectators and infrastructure
Prevent drones from interrupting games
Prevent copyright infringement
Integrate into security systems
Notify staff of drone flights even before they start


Countless stories have been appearing in the news over the years regarding drone activity in federal airspace, citing safety concerns for passenger aircraft and disruption of airline operations. These risks are clear – a drone crash into an aircraft will cause damage to both vehicles. In 2012, the FAA established The FAA Modernization and Reauthorization Act, putting into law a requirement for hobbyist drone operators to contact their local airport management and the air traffic control tower if they plan to fly their drone within five miles of an airport.

Dedrone Solutions

Protects airport facilities and nearby flights
Compatible with radar technology and installations
Integrates into security and monitoring systems
Provides forensic evidence for law enforcements


Militaries across the world continue to invest in drone technology to survey and conduct strategic offensive measures to protect and defend. The same technology is accessible and being used by politically-motivated terror groups aimed to cause harm to innocent civilians. Because of this, government agencies are turning to drone detection to not only track their own drone traffic, but also identify when an unauthorized drone has entered their airspace.

Dedrone Solutions

Integrates drone detection into defense systems
Compatible with active defense measures
Triggers alerts and countermeasures automatically
Suitable for permanent, semi-permanent, and portable installations