HVCC TELECOMMDATACOMM WORLD is involved in the development of the largest resort project in the Caribbean, Americas and Asia under WorldGate Community Internatioal. We are responsible for all projects including the 1000 five star room hotel, casino, convention center, medical center, the port, harbor, oil tank farm, refueling stations with on over 600,000,000 gallons of fuel for ships a,year, LNG Storage and Relay Centers with over 20 million MT capacity,  marina with 200 slips for yachts up to 200 feet, restaurants, shopping and more. HVCC TELECOMM DATACOMM WORLD is in charge also of all voice and data that goes into the project.

HVCC will also be in charge of all voice and data for the new WorldGateAIRLINE  which will connect  worldGate Community International Airports with Dulles International Airport.  HVCC TelecommDataComm will also provide complete Unified Communication through ZOOMfor all facilities related to WorldGate Airlines terninals, gates, ramps  and offices. 

HVCC TELECOMM DATACOMM WORLD  will be involved in the installation of all telecom and datacomm  utilized in the HVCC EPW DEFENSE CENTERS. There are over one centers planned across the country. The center incorporate complete solar farm and SCIF as well as the critical infrastructure defense center for national defense. Include law enforcement and medical programs, with special operators protection. HVCC TELECOMM DATACOMM WORLD will also install all invertors on the solar panels.

HVCC TELECOMM DATACOMM WORLD will install and maintain all telecom and datacom at the NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE Campuses which are being developed in PA on 155 acre with 30 new building as well ae the HVCC Educational Institute.