WORLDGATE COMMUNICATION CORPORATION  is truly a global communicational company. We provide system through out the world for projects in the United States, Caribbean, and many other countries around the world. 

WORLDGATE COMMUNICATION CORPORATION provides system involved in major security programs and monitoring for UAV DRONE  and Anti-Drone applications and through out the world. We utilize Dedrone Anti-drone airspace protection systems and software for protection for prisons and stadium both professional and university worldwide. 

WORLDGATE COMMUNICATION CORPORATION  also provides systems for airports and harbors.  These systems are all POE and require installation and cabling. 

WORLDGATE COMMUNICATION CORPORATION also is working on the CIPA  (Critical Infrastructure Protection Act) with the WORLDGATE EPW Defense Centers to protect the US, Caribbean AFRICA, SOUTH KOREA AND OTHER COUNTRIES in case of attack from Electronic Pulse  Weapons. WORLDGATE EPW Defense Centers is talking over under preforming or closed major shopping center to develop major crisis center.  WORLDGATE EPW Defense Centers  planning at each WORLDGATE PROPERTY.